When you’re over 40 and trying to lose weight it can feel hopeless. 

I know it’s not.

The hundreds of women I've helped know how amazing it is to finally lose weight for good, not stress about every bite they eat and feel confident, healthy and energetic.

Hi! I’m Diana Sugiuchi.

I help women over 40 who are serial dieters lose weight and keep it off, without dieting, so they can feel healthy, confident and stop obsessing about food & their weight.
Diana Sugiuchi RDN

You feel like weight loss is impossible

If you’re like most of the people I work with, you’ve tried a diet (or 2… or 15…) to lose weight. And it might have worked – until the weight came back. Probably with more than you lost in the first place.
So you tried another diet. Or went back to the same one. Only to get the same results: weight loss followed by weight gain followed by feeling like a failure. You’re constantly hungry, you’re tired of not being able to enjoy social events and you feel exhausted and unfocused.
You hate seeing yourself in photos, so you just avoid them. You decline invitations to events with friends so you won’t have to deal with trying to figure out what to eat that fits in with your diet. You’re scared you won’t live a long and healthy life and you want to be there for your family.
You know there’s a better way but you have no idea where to start.

There's a better way

I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not lacking in willpower, even though it feels like you are. You’re not a failure for not losing weight for good. All those diets you were on failed you.

You’re not a hopeless case. 

Not only is it possible to lose weight after 40, you can also stop cravings, emotional eating and the guilt around eating foods you love. You can break free from a lifetime of obsession with food & weight and self hate. You can finally feel confident around food and enjoy it instead of looking at food like the enemy.

I have helped hundreds of women just like you, who were convinced they were hopeless cases, to transform themselves and their relationship with food. I know it’s possible for you, too.

My qualifications

My path to becoming a Registered Dietitian and helping women over 40 heal their relationship with food took some twists and turns. I originally went to college for music therapy, but pretty quickly ditched that to do what I really wanted to – play rock and roll. I ended up going back to college for a degree in Nutrition Science after a fun bunch of  years of playing in several rock bands, getting married and having 2 daughters.

After graduation, I became a Registered Dietitian by completing a grueling internship and taking a board exam. I started Nourish Family Nutrition in 2009, a private practice for nutrition counseling and grew this to a multi-state, multi-practitioner practice.

Over the years I realized that the people I enjoyed working with the most are women over 40 who struggle with their weight. I know how you struggle because I’ve been there, too. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was young and rarely felt happy with the way my body looked. Even as someone who does this for a living, balancing healthy eating, making the time for cooking and exercise with a family and busy career is hard!

I learned over the years that restrictive diets never work in the long term. Sure, you’ll lose some weight temporarily and feel great, but that weight will always creep back on. I also learned that there is a better way – a way to make sustainable changes, not feel deprived and that allows you body to reach a weight where you feel comfortable, for good.

If you’re ready to stop yoyo dieting for good, feel confident and in control around food and add healthy years to your life, I’d love to chat! Schedule below to learn how you can transform your life.